July 20, 2024

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Kenya: The pain of the bereaved, calls for fresh protests

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Emotions run high in Kenya.

After days of bloody protests against proposed tax hikes and the removal of the bill, Kenyans were still shaken to the core.

The Kenya National Commission on Human Rights reported cases of abduction and arbitrary arrests.

During the June 25 protest alone, 26 people were killed, the body said. Many more were wounded.

A number of businesses are also counting losses following looting and burning down of buildings.

In a bid to find a lasting solution, William Ruto has been meeting different groups at the State House in an effort of finding a lasting solution following the protests.

The President has directed the setting up of a committee to address the concerns of youth who are dissatisfied with the state of the country’s affairs.

However, calls for another protest this Tuesday (Jul. 2) persist, especially o, X (formerly Twitter). Some even demanding the president resign.

In anticipation of more protests, Nairobi still has a heavy presence of security personnel.

There were peaceful protests within capital’s central business district and candle lighting gathering at the Jeevanjee Garden in honour of those who were killed during the Tuesday and Thursday protests.

By Ronald Agak

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