July 20, 2024

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Kenya: We Demand Arrest of Police Who Killed Protestor, ODM Says

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Nairobi — The Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) has demanded the arrest of the police officer who shot and killed Rex Kanyike Masai, a 29-year-old who lost his life along Moi Avenue , during the anti-Finance Bill protests staged on Thursday.

Witnesses reported the officer firing into the crowd, injuring Rex in the leg.

Despite efforts to save him at Bliss Hospital Moi Avenue, he succumbed to his wounds.

The death of Masai, who was among the demonstrators has been linked to a plain clothes officer who was part of the security agents battling the protestors in Nairobi’s Central Business District.

“We demand that the government takes action against the overzealous police officer who shot and killed Rex Kanyike Masai, a young man whose only crime was to carry a bottle of water, handkerchief and lifting his fist up to oppose the oppressive Finance Bill,” the party stated.

Yesterday, ODM lawmakers insisted that despite the opposition’s failure to halt the bill the struggle to protect Kenyans’ interests is far from over.

“This is not the end; this journey has just started. We are taking a vote while police are battling young people out there. The battle to protect Kenyans’ interests is on and is not over,” Minority Leader Opiyo Wandayi stated.

Minority Whip Junet Mohammed criticized the ruling coalition lawmakers for ignoring valid input from the opposition and voting under the influence of the Executive.

“After pumping a whole lot of sense into the Kenya Kwanza side, the bill was passed in a very draconian manner. It’s a sad day for me, and we have nothing to do but to live with it,” Mohammed said.

An unverified amateur footage was circulated online appearing to capture the moment the police officer opened fire at a group of retreating protestors, injuring Masai in the leg.

The incident occurred amidst protests in urban areas nationwide, with demonstrators vowing further action.

Police are investigating the shooting of Rex Kanyike Masai, 29, allegedly by a plainclothes officer at around 7pm.

IPOA has disclosed that its investigation team has since established contact with the victim’s kin as it seeks to piece together the circumstances of the shooting that sparked widespread anger among Kenyans.

“Accordingly, and in accordance to Section 7 of IPOA Act, the Authority has this morning launched investigations into the fatal shooting and our investigation team has since established contact with the family of Mr. Masai,”

“All the serious injury incidents documented during the demonstrations,” IPOA’s Chairperson Anne Makori said Friday.

Makori further said that the Authority is also investigating several serious injuries suffered by other demonstrators including police officers during the protests that turned violent.

While commending the protesters for holding peaceful demonstrations alongside police for equally exercise “visible restraint” as compared to previous demonstrations, the IPOA Chairperson urged both sides to adhere to the law during such demonstrations and gatherings.

A joint statement by the Law Society of Kenya, Kenya Medical Association, Defenders Coalition, Independent Medical Legal Unit and Amnesty International revealed that at least 200 people were injured during the demos that was conducted in 19 counties.

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