May 21, 2024

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Liberia: Storm Hits Amezu Building

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The African Methodist Episcopal Zion University was one of the victims of the early Tuesday night violent storm.

The school being a religious school with no sponsorship from anywhere is calling on the Liberian Government and other humanitarian organizations to urgently come to its call in aiding the school to repair the damage caused by the violent storm.

The School Vice President Dr. Professor Richardson Koffa Klohhas sent an SOS call to the Government of Liberia and humanitarian and disaster response management agencies including institutions responsible for education in Liberia to come to their aid.

The violent storm damaged the facility of the institution main campus on Benson Street. Due to damage caused by the violent storm, normal academic activities is at a standstill on the campuses of AME Zion University.

Speaking to our reporter who visited the campus early Wednesday morning, the Vice President for Administration, Dr. Professor Richardson Koffa Kloh said the extent of the damage has brought serious setback to the institution and wants government and institutions responsible for education in Liberia to come to the aid of the school.

The violent storm occurred at the time the institution is completing its final exams for semester one according to the Vice president. The facility according to our reporter, is hosting the junior and senior students on the Benson Street Campus and if nothing is done to renovate the school in the soonest possible time it could undermine the next graduation cycle scheduled for this year and other academic activities.

Meanwhile, as part of the damage, Professor Kloh named the office for records and admission, testing and evaluation, the office of education among other offices on the third floor of the building that were all damaged as a result of the Tuesday night storm.

The African Methodist Episcopal Zion University (AMEZU) offers degrees in Accounting, Management, Economics, Banking and Finance, Demography and Public Administration with seven colleges in total; namely: Wilfred E. Clarke College of Criminal Justice Administration and Law Enforcement, Andrew Cartwright College of Business and Public Administration, Reuben L. Speaks College of Liberal Arts, Bishop Warren M. Brown College of Divinity, Alicia Smith-Lartey College of Education, College of General Studies awarding degrees in continuing Education and College of Agriculture awarding Associate of Arts degree in Agriculture. Except for the College of Agriculture, the University currently offers Bachelor Degrees in all of its programs.

It has enrolled over 30,000 students and graduated over 10,000 students. This unfortunate situation came at the time the University’s President Dr. Emmanuel Johnson is out of the country seeking support for the institution as well.

By New Republic.

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