June 12, 2024

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Lotto Joto moto, man bags millions after visiting this man over decade gambling failure

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Utawala man gets over 5 million in sweepstake after trying for over a decade. Evans Muema got the news after getting the correct numbers entry in the draw.

After trying for over decade time for Evans Muema reached after getting in touch with powerful man who resolved his bad luck. Gambling is not for the cowards who do not want to risk.

Evans explains that his wife has been scolding him for using his money to buy tickets for which none has won for over 10 years.

It reached a time where his wife left him with his two children because the life in that family was unbearable. Working in Mjengo was not easy and it was not sure bet.

He says that sometimes he would leave home to work only to be told that there was no job and had to be benched. As a Fundi, his expertise was needed though but economy and luck was not on his side.

In a matatu, people were talking about winning bets and planning to buy their vehicles. Muema listened to the conversation careful and he heard of kiwanga doctors.

He began googling and learning about Kiwanga doctors. He got their number 070000000 and called them immediately upon reaching home. That was his turning point. Kiwanga Doctors perfomed an good luck spell and told him to wait for results in 72 hours.

Now, after 72 hours he went to sweepstake outlet to buy a ticket. Luckily enough, he bagged Sh 50,000 after the draw. He bought several tickets which each ticket had some returns.

At work, he was never benched but reshuffled to another part in building and construction, concrete making section running the concrete mixer machine.

Before the 2023 ends, Muema won Sh 5 million on Lotto bonus draw. The winning sum for the Lotto Jackpot was Sh 50 million which Muema is compassionate that he will win and change his life completely.

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