July 14, 2024

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South Africa: SIU Seconded to Prasa to Investigate Corruption

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The Passenger Rail Agency of South Africa (PRASA) Board has seconded the Special Investigating Unit ( SIU) to probe corruption, which includes the existence of ghost workers, misappropriation of funds and the infringement of the Supply chain management (SCM) processes.

During its meeting on Tuesday the Board reiterated its position that corruption will not be left unattended.

“The Board has already received a preliminary report on the existence of the ghost workers and there is a clear prima facie evidence that there are explicit records for wrong doings.

“The Board has received reports that warrant it to investigate further and engage the law enforcement agencies to recover monies that have been misappropriated by the defrauding of the Insurance Companies,” PRASA said.

The SIU has also been requested to conduct lifestyle audits

PRASA employees will be subjected to this process, which would be done by the SIU to unearth any form of misconduct.

In addition, the investigation will look at the infringement of the SCM processes by any employee(s) not limited to members of SCM committees’ i.e (Bid Specification Committee, Bid Evaluation Committee and Bid Adjudication Committee).

“The Board has received unpleasant reports that there are deliberate attempt to sabotage the awarding of critical tenders which will unlock modernisation and alleviate unemployment and poverty. Such actions will also form part of the scope of investigations by SIU.

“The Board is further looking for other irregular matters as pointed out in various forensic reports that should be included in the proclamation by the President,” PRASA said.

PRASA employees are encouraged to co-operate with seconded members of the SIU in order to ensure expediency and finalisation of these matters.

“All efforts are to restore PRASA’s mandate of offering affordable and better services to the people of South Africa,” the agency said.

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