September 25, 2023

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ANC MP Arrested for Slapping School Principal

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Andile Lili, Member of the Western Cape ANC legislature, was arrested after he allegedly slapped a school principal and demanded that she leave the school premises on Friday.

Lili, who is also an SGB chairperson at the Inkanini Primary school in Khayelitsha, was arrested and later released on warning.

Speaking to Scrolla.Africa after being released, Lili denied assaulting the principal. He said all he wanted was for the principal to leave the school.

“I never laid a hand on her. That’s all lies. I want her out of the school because she is incompetent and clueless about her job,” he said.

He said the problem he has with the principal is that she fails to make decisions when matters are reported to her.

“I have been reporting a teacher who is also a DJ. During the day, he is at school and at night, he becomes a DJ. He comes to school tired and the kids, including my child, are failing in his subject,” Lili said.

Lili alleges the DJ teacher is always late for school as he knocks off from his DJ gig in the early hours of the morning.

“Our kids’ future is important. We can’t sit back while he is doing what he wants. The principal should’ve dealt with him a long time ago but she says nothing.”

A parent said she understood Lili’s frustration but he must allow the principal to do her job.

“If he doesn’t approve, then he must approach the Education Department to solve the problem.”

Western Cape Education Department spokesperson Bronagh Hammond said they have spoken to the SGB chairperson who had illegally prevented the principal from entering the school premises.

“How he dealt with his alleged grievances cannot be condoned. There are processes that allow for constructive engagement. This has been communicated to the SGB chairperson on numerous occasions,” Hammond said.

Western Cape SAPS spokesperson Warrant Officer Joseph Swartbooi said Harare police arrested a 47-year-old man on a charge of assault.

“The suspect was warned to appear in court on Wednesday and the circumstances surrounding this incident are still under investigation.”

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