July 16, 2024

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From fisherman and boda boda rider to lucrative FMG executive, this man helped him

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David Ogolla has been looking for a job since he left campus in 2013 and has not been successful for over 10 years. He secured a lucrative post last year, enjoying massive perks after a long story of grief and sadness.

Born and raised in Alego, Usonga, Ogolla had a vision of becoming a prominent figure in the field of microeconomics. Studying economics was a call, and he did it with passion.

How did he get to school? After completing the fourth form, he secured a scholarship with a company that was dealing with Lake Victoria siltation and water hyacinth.

“I got a scholarship that helped me go to university. That was like a miracle,” he said.

Being a fisherman as well helped me acquire a few bucks during the holidays. David completed his undegradate course and went to the Bodaboda sector. He applied for government jobs on portals, NGOs, and schools, among other institutions, with no success.

“I searched for jobs as people were laughing at me. Things were tough at home. 

His uncle gave him a tip if he could try Kiwanga doctors on +254769404965 in his search for a job. The first trial landed him a lucrative post at one of the leading FMG firms in the country.

“These specialists helped me alot. I landed an executive job and thanks to Kiwanga Doctors,” he said.

Kiwanga Doctors helped him secure the post after a call. They made a spell that would increase the chances of luck, and it was on his side. Kiwanga doctors deal with problems facing people, such as job search, marriage problems, gambling, and good luck, among others.

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