July 20, 2024

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Kenya: Toror Factory Tea Faces Rejection As Chebochok Elected New Director Amid Sex Scandal

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Nairobi — More multinational companies will stop buying tea from Toror Factory after the appointment of John Chebochok as a new director.

Lipton Tea and Infusions Company has announced that it will no longer purchase tea from the Tegat/Toror factory.

In a letter directed to Agriculture Cabinet Secretary Mithika Linturi, the Chief Supply Chain Officer of Lipton Tea, Bruno Laine, has stressed that other tea suppliers should also refrain from purchasing tea from the factory until the necessary action is taken against Chebachok, who is facing allegations of sexual harassment against women.

“LIPTON Teas and Infusions had been the largest buyer of tea from the Ainamoi zone. In light of these developments, we have immediately ceased purchasing from the Tegat/Toror factory and we are urging our industry partners to do the same until appropriate measures are taken to address this serious issue,” he stated.

Laine has further highlighted that the appointment of Chebachok further undermines President William Ruto’s efforts for Kenyan tea to be recognized worldwide as a mark of quality.

Lipton has urged the relevant authorities to reverse the appointment of the director and take the necessary action to ensure that sexual harassment and gender-based violence are tales of the past.

Sentiments have arisen from major tea suppliers who have been purchasing tea from the Toror tea factory following the appointment of Chebachok as the director last month, despite being accused of the heavy allegations that were exposed by the BBC in February 2023.

In a letter directed to the Kenya Tea Development Association’s (KTDA’s) senior management yesterday, Finlays Tea Company Corporate Affairs Director Ben Woolf also threatened to cease purchasing tea from the factory if the director is not dismissed.

However, responding to the matter, KTDA says that it does not hold the mandate to see the removal of Chebochok; rather, it claims that the Toror factory shareholders have the full responsibility to make the final decision.

“He was elected by one of the 6 electoral areas of the factory on 28 June 2024 and the shareholders of the factory will have to make the final decision on a special general meeting on whether to accept him as the factory manager or not,” it stated.

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