Mon. Jan 24th, 2022

Police boss implicated in car auction scam files notice of appeal

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The shamed deputy commissioner of police in-charge of community policing, Anatoli Muleterwa has filed a notice of appeal against the High court ruling that found him guilty of illegally auctioning a reported missing car. 

On Wednesday, High court justice, Lydia Mugambe ordered Muleterwa to pay Shs 50 million of the Shs 282 million that had been slapped on government for auctioning a car belonging to Adrine Kemirembe that had been reported missing to police in 2008.

The car was stolen from the Makerere University main library parking lot where the owner’s husband Alex Ssebagala had left it.

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Through his lawyers of Kigenyi–Opira & company advocates, Muleterewa has asked to be availed with typed copies of the judgment, all exhibits and a record of proceedings saying that they are dissatisfied with the ruling and intend to appeal against the whole judgment.

Muleterwa’s troubles started in 2010 when Kemirembe’s husband, Ssebagala spotted the car in the low-end Kampala suburb of Kisenyi doing business. He then hired it to Makerere University police station where both driver and turnboy were arrested.

Upon arrest, the driver revealed the owner of the car to be Muleterwa, then working a community liaison officer for Kampala metropolitan area.  

Muleterwa revealed in court that he had bought the car through auction at just Shs 1 million after the custodian of exhibits at central police station complained that they were congesting the police station.

In her judgment, Mugambe said that she failed to understand under what circumstances a missing car that had been reported to police was auctioned and how it had reached the central police station.

She said that the available evidence indicates that the car was sold to Muleterwa’s wife Margaret Kiiza at the same time when the police were still searching for it and that there was no satisfactory explanation on how the car got onto the auctioneer’s list.

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