Wed. Dec 8th, 2021

Suspected Infidelity Leads to Death

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In a suspected case of infidelity badly wrong, a soldier stationed at 5 Infantry Brigade in Kadoma, shot and killed his married lover with an AK47 rifle, before turning the lethal weapon on himself.

The tragic incident happened in the early hours of Wednesday last week.

Police statements indicate the now deceased woman, Fungai Tendayi (37) from Kwekwe was married to Keith Chidora (35) who is employed at Delta Beverages Kwekwe Depot.

The couple had two minor children.

It has also been established that Tendayi turned a shop she was running at Nyimo Shopping Centre in Sanyati into a love nest with Brighton Matura (35), the now deceased soldier.

Tendayi would leave her husband and children in Mbizo and meet her lover on numerous occasions at her shop, it has been reported.

Police informant Violet Sazunza (27), a shopkeeper at Nyimo Shopping Centre in Sanyati, said the businesswoman was reprimanded on numerous occasions by her father, Pension Katsuro on her adulterous ways to no avail.

“On several occasions, the deceased (Tendayi) is reported to have been involved in quarrels and fights over infidelity issues with the accused (Matura),” reads the statement in part.

It is further said that on Monday, Matura, dressed in civilian clothing but armed with an AK 47 rifle, visited Matura in Sanyati.

The two went on to spend two days together enjoying their time as Mature had received an allowance from his workplace.

In the early hours of the fateful day, “Sazunza woke up to do her morning chores and heard the sound of a radio in deceased’s (Tendayi) room. She also heard the two having their friendly discussions.”

However, about two hours into her chores, Sazunza, “heard a loud sound like a gun shot and she rushed behind the shop to find out.

“She did not find anything amiss and she just suspected an electrical fault at the meter box. After about 2 minutes, she heard the same sound and she became suspicious.

“The informant went to check at the deceased’s room and after knocking several times on the door and getting no response, she pushed the door open to find out.

“She discovered the lifeless body of the deceased lying naked on the bed and that of the accused which was in a pool of blood on the floor.”

Sazunza immediately advised neighbours who assisted her in making the report to ZRP Sanyati.

Police found Tendayi’s body lying naked on the bed facing downwards and her blankets soaked with blood.

“Deceased had gunshot wounds on the right palm and right side of the head. Her cell phone, a Huawei cell phone gold in colour was recovered,” police said.

“Accused’s (Matura) body was found lying on the floor in a pool of blood besides the bed facing western direction.

“His body had only a blue short trousers and nothing on the top was inspected and it had a gunshot wound on the throat and an opening on the skull.

“His right hand was holding the AK 47 rifle on the trigger guard.

The AK 47 rifle serial numbers Z.A 65198 and butt number 749, found cocked with one round in the chamber with 18 rounds in the magazine, was cleared and recovered as exhibit.

Two spent cartridges and one bullet head were also recovered in the room.

“Skull fragments were observed scattered all over the room,” read the police report.

A bullet hole and blood splashes were observed on the ceiling of the room.

After a search was conducted in Matura’s clothes, his national identity card, a golden note identity card, an April 2020 ZNA pay slip in his name and a black Stylo cell phone with a buddie line were recovered from his jean trousers pockets.

“The two bodies were conveyed to Kadoma General Hospital mortuary awaiting post mortem. The bodies did not suffer any further injuries whilst in police custody,” police reports read.

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