July 20, 2024

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Thousands of Yemenis continue weekly protest in solidarity with Palestinians

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Thousands of Yemeni demonstrators gathered in the capital Sanaa on Friday, in support of Palestinians in the Gaza Strip.

Yemen’sHouthi rebels who control most of the terriroty have organised demonstrations nearly every Friday since the latest war in the decades long Israeli-Palestinian conflict erupted last October.

“What our army, missiles and naval forces have already achieved was not enough for the beloved Yemeni people and they are asking for more. Today, the Yemeni people say loudly that they can never abandon Palestine,” Radwan, a protester said.

“They are saying that the Palestinian people are not alone and that Yemeni people in all areas and provinces stand with Palestine with all their power.”

In addition to the Gaza Strip, fronts in the ongoing war include one in the West Bank, one on the border with Lebanon and one on the Red Sea opened by Yemen’s Houthis.

A fresh round of negotiatiosn for a phased-cease-fire deal in Gaza is ongoing in Doha.

Hezbollah’s deputy leader said the group would stop fighting with Israel if a deal is struck.

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