July 20, 2024

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Tinubu marks one year in office as Nigerians continue to bear brunt of the economy

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One year on since Bola Tinubu became Nigeria’s President, many people feel that his promise of “renewed hope” remains largely unfulfilled.

Tinubu assumed office with a big promise of new hope for Nigerians during a time of unprecedented challenges for Africa’s most populous country.

This pledge left some citizens hopeful for improvements and others skeptical about the new government’s potential.

But a significant spike in petrol prices has led to increased costs of goods and services nationwide, further reducing the disposable income for most citizens.

Ajani Lola, a civil servant from Nigeria’s southwest, described the past year as one of untold hardship.

“It placed us all in a state of worry regarding food, money, and other aspects. It’s been a government that brought untold hardship,” Ajani Lola said.

Tinubu’s manifesto prioritized creating jobs, boosting local production of goods, investing in agriculture and public infrastructure, and enhancing national security.

However, barrister Oladipo Kazeem-Adebowale believes that Tinubu’s government has failed to meet these basic needs.

“This government has failed woefully, that’s based on my assessment. People are really suffering in the country now,” he said.

While Tinubu’s first year in office has been marked by active policymaking and reforms aimed at addressing Nigeria’s multifaceted challenges, progress has been uneven.

Economic recovery has been slow, with many Nigerians still struggling with inflation and unemployment.

Security challenges persist in several regions, and some argue that the pace of infrastructure development and anti-corruption efforts needs to be accelerated.

Economic analysts note that while there have been strides in certain areas, significant work remains to fully realize the administration’s goals of improving the lives of all Nigerians.

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