July 20, 2024

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Zimbabwe: State Media Unfreeze ‘Ban’ On Winky D – Move a Strategy to Woo Audience

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STATE media, the Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation (ZBC), has lifted the ‘ban’ on Zimdancehall artist Winky D from its airwaves.

Winky D faced over a year of exclusion from State broadcasts following the release of his album “Eureka Eureka.”

The album, known for its outspoken social commentary, irked the ruling elite, leading to the censorship of Winky D’s music.

A source who spoke to NewZimbabwe.com said the decision to lift the ban on Winky D’s music was influenced by the new leadership at the Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation (ZBC).

This shift is reportedly part of a new strategy spearheaded by the recently appointed acting Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Charles Munganasa.

However, certain songs from Winky D’s “Eureka Eureka” album, such as “Ibotso” and “Dzimba dzemabwe,” remain banned.

“There is a new board which is bringing the new strategy. Of course, we will not play all of his songs but his coming back on the radio is a strategy by the new board. The old board took things more personally and were rigid,” said the source.

Winky D’s newly released extended play (EP), Love Quartet, has been receiving a fair share of airplay on local radio stations.

During his New Year’s Eve concert, Winky D acknowledged the impact of the blackout on his music.

“From 2004 up until 2024, 2023 was the most difficult year for me musically,” said Winky D.

“I could not get an interview on the radio for the show. I only had the internet and dreams and then you (fans),” said Winky D.

By New Zimbabwe.

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